Lightroom Mobile for Android, tip . . . how to rotate / by Mark Zoetrope

I posted yesterday about the new Lightroom Mobile for Android. One thing I had a hard time figuring out was how to rotate a picture. I finally found this on the Adobe website and thought I would share it in case others are equally confused (skip to the end for the good part):

  • The available Cropping aspect ratios are displayed as tiles, along the bottom of the window. Swipe to the left or right, to view all the tiles. Tap a tile to apply the corresponding cropping aspect ratio. For example, to view how a square crop of your photo will look, tap the 1 x 1 tile.

    A. Lock/unlock aspect ratios B. Rotate photo C. Cropping Tool guide 

  • Do one of the following for addition options:

    • Tap the aspect ratio tile to flip the orientation of the crop.
    • Drag the edges and corners of the cropping guide, to change the shape and size of the crop.
    • Tap within the cropping guide and drag it to reposition it.
    • (iOS only) Tap the lock icon (), to crop without a preset aspect ratio.
    • (iOS only) Tap the rotate icon (), to rotate the image.


    On Android, you can rotate the photo by making a vertical or horizontal swipe outside the cropping box.