Lightroom for Android is out, here's the review / by Mark Zoetrope

It's been a long wait but Adobe has finally released Lightroom for Android. How is it? Here are the pros and cons. 


  • It's free if you have a Creative Cloud subscription
  • It has many features that will be familiar from the desktop version
  • Clean easy to use interface, as one would expect (but see below)
  • Syncs with Creative Cloud


  • No adjustment brushes, spot remover, etc. Just the basics. 
  • Oddly, it does not get added to the list of photo editing apps that pops up when you hit Share from another app, so you have to start in Lightroom even if you prefer another program for your gallery. 
  • It takes a while to figure out where everything is, so you'll need to spend some time with it. There are also special two finger and three finger taps that are not really intuitive, and must be learned. That said, if you use this a lot, you will get the hang of it. 

Final verdict, if you already have a Creative Cloud subscription, you will want this app. It is now tied with Snapseed as my favorite Android photo editing app.